How to Disable the Speed Warning System In Jeep

Jeepers love to press their limits while off-roading to show their ability to overcome obstacles. While doing so, the technology that hinders them is the speed warning system.

The speed warning system realizes a driver if he goes beyond the set limits of the Jeep. Following that warning brings your safety and well-being. Since knowing the limits of your vehicle and keeping it within that range will help you outperform safely.

In this blog, we will discuss the speed warning system, how important it is for you, and give you some hacks if you want to disable it.

So, let’s jump into this informative article to treat your need for speed.

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What is a speed warning system in Jeep?

The speed warning system is a safety device installed in a Jeep to set a maximum speed limit in which it is safe for driving. These systems are built-in and can be installed by an aftermarket service provider.

How to Disable the Speed Warning System

In countries like the US, Canada, and UK, government bodies have set speed limits for different vehicles based on the routes they drive on for the safety of drivers and pedestrians; if a car crosses that particular speed limit, it is charged with a fine or a traffic ticket. The authorities deploy speed limiters to promote safety and protection from accidents.

What is the maximum speed a Jeep can go?

Jeeps have enough power to drive faster than the speed limiters allow, but the rides become uncomfortable and lose stability. Thus, the limits don’t mean you cannot drive the Jeep beyond these figures; instead, you can.

Jeep Wranglers can reach up to 100 to 125 mph depending upon the trim, engine type, model, and driving conditions. While the Jeep Rubicon has a speed limit of 97mph, and the Sport has a speed of 115 mph. The Q speed-rated tires are responsible for giving speeds of more than 100 mph.

How to DIY disable the speed limiter warning system?

You can do it yourself by using different methods. The speed warning system can also be disabled by reducing the sensitivity of the Jeep.

1: Disable the speed limiter using the flashlights:

  • Flash the cabin lights three times when the speed warning system is activated. 
  • Wait for 10 seconds.
  • The speed limiter will be disabled.

2: Using the Cruise Control:

  • Hold the speed control button and turn off the Cruise control simultaneously.
  • Now press down the lock and a switch on its right.
  • Jeep will make a beeping voice twice.
  • Wait for 10 seconds.
  • Jeep will self-respond with a tone.
  • The speed limiter is disabled now.

3: Using the Control Panel

  • Go to the settings option of your manufacturer’s-fitted control panel.
  • Navigate it to the security feature.
  • Now press Disable Speed Warning from here.

Factors you need to consider when driving Jeep at high speed

Jeeps were not designed for high-speeding vehicles; instead, the aim was to provide safe commutes between battlegrounds. Since the concept has now changed but the basic design is the same, restricting Jeep to over speed. Here are some constraints you will face while high speeding your Jeep.

1: Death wobble

Death wobble is a scary experience people have faced while speeding with a Jeep. Usually, it occurs when you go over 45 mph and vanish on its own after 70 mph. Moreover, mainly the cause of death wobble is worn-out suspension parts. Still, consider that if you feel your Jeep has started death wobble, slow down. Nothing is more worthy than your safety.

2: Jeep design

Unfortunately, Jeep’s design doesn’t support high-speed driving due to its obnoxious design betraying the laws of aerodynamics. Cars that allow high speed follow a curvaceous geometry and are set with lower ground clearance to promote stability and less gravitational friction. And Jeep lost all of these features, so it would require much effort to speed up your Wrangler.

3: ECU limits

Jeep is programmed with a built-in ECU and a coded speed limiter that wouldn’t allow you to go beyond specific speed numbers depending on your make and model. However, these speed limiters can be disabled using the methods given above.

4: Tire rating

Tire rating measures tire performance at which the vehicle can be driven safely. These tires are selected based on the types of ventures a Jeep covers. For example, you can use tires with excellent traction while driving on snow or traversing mountains; however, a particular kind of tire can be used for racing purposes. 

Q speed rating tires are designed to provide 100 mph to the tire driving in safe conditions.

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Modifications you can make for a faster Jeep.

Indeed, everything man-made can be modified and upgraded suited to an improved performance or according to personal choice. Hence, you can opt for the following upgrades if you are a dire high-speeder.

  • Increase the horsepower by upgrading the supercharger.
  • Lifting the throttle body spacer
  • Swapping the motor
  • Upgrading the exhaust system
  • Installing an upgraded cold air intake kit.

Wrap up

Jeeps were not designed for high speed; thus, whoever wants to bypass this feature must upgrade their model by doing the suggested modifications or limiting their speed warning system. Remember, speed is not the only way you can flaunt your performance. Therefore, prioritize your and others’ safety first.

Still, if you want a flying jet instead of a regular commute, change your choice.

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