How to Identify and Fix TIPM Failure on Your Jeep

For a working body, you need a pumping heart, right? Similarly, for a running Jeep, you need a fully functioning TIPM.

If there is one component that can seize your Jeep in your garage for years is the TIPM. Yes, it is this important!

Unfortunately, we proudly call ourselves the Jeepers but need help understanding the anatomy of our beloved Jeep. Today I will guide you about this critical part, the symptoms that appear when it goes bad, and how you can prevent or fix it when it goes faulty.

So, without much ado, let’s dive into this informational blog for all the Jeepers.

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What is TIPM?

TIPM is the short form for the Totally Integrated Power Module, which is responsible for all the electrical commands sent in the Jeep. It is a black plastic box with a power board and fuses inside it. 

TIPM is in charge of rolling down the power windows for center-door locking, functioning windscreen wipers, Air conditioning, fuel pumping, headlights, radio, crankshaft movement, throttle control, etc.. In short, EVERYTHING depends on the functioning of TIPM.

Jeeps are the most advanced electrical-dependent vehicles. That means TIPM-dependent cars. And if TIPM fails, we are sorry, but it is a rainy day for you.

How to Identify and Fix TIPM failure on Your Jeep

TIPM failure symptoms

TIPM failure in Jeeps is a rare problem, but that doesn’t outdo the probability of happening it. So here are a few signs of the TIPM failure.

1: Engine stalling

Engine stalling is one of the major causes of a TIPM failure. It won’t only leave you stressed, but it is also a driving hazard for you and other pedestrians. 

In case of TIPM failure, you will likely experience power loss, stiff power steering, or even lose your brakes. In such a case, immediately pull over your Jeep at a roadside.

2: Start-up failure

TIPM failure may also result in issues with the Jeep start-up. Since powering is an electronic plus mechanical task that requires the contribution of a fuel management system and sparks ignition system. That’s why your Jeep might refuse to start up if any issue with the TIPM occurs.

3: Faulty locking system

As I told you in the beginning, failure in TIPM could also result in as severe an inefficient door locking system. 

Imagine that your Jeep door locks popping in and out of their own. Sounds creepy? Oh, yeah, TIPM failure is a nightmare.

4: Failure in airbag deployment

Airbags are deployed in the Jeep to protect drivers and passengers from severe injuries during a car accident. Failure in TIPM results in the malfunctioning of airbag popping out or random deployment. Sometimes it could also lead to the sideways deployment of airbags. 

5: Faulty throttle control

The throttle works as an opening for fuel injection in the engine, and untimely opening and closing of the throttle may lead to car stalling and excessive fuel burning.

Jeep Wranglers are characterized by their incredible performance show, but the TIPM failure makes it the most useless commodity.

6: Honking horns

Blaring horn is another symptom of TIPM failure. In such cases, horns start blaring at a random pattern, goes on and off on their own and stop responding when you need them the most.

Causes of TIPM failure

TIPM failure is a critical problem, and some of the leading causes of failure of this electrical component are:

  • Faulty solenoids
  • Corroded terminals
  • Moisture
  • Wiring issues
  • Low voltage battery

How to repair a TIPM in your Jeep?

Repairing a TIPM requires a digital mind. Since TIPM is an electronic part full of fuses and electric circuits, repairing this black box is not 100% guaranteed and solely depends on the type of issue and the professional expertise of the mechanic.

However, if the fault is due to the corroded terminals, anti-corrosion solvents can easily do it. Moreover, if some fuses have gone bad, they can be repaired too, but issues other than these are unfortunately i’ll-treatable. Hence, the best way out is to replace the whole TIPM.

Although replacing TIPM from the original manufacturer is neither easy nor affordable, I recommend you check this part from the local market as mostly local TIPMs work as well as the original ones.

How to prevent your Jeep TIPM from failing?

TIPM is a sensitive electronic component. Since the manufacturers of Jeep are professionals and that kind of expertise cannot be easily found in street mechanics or local professionals. Therefore, in the case of TIPM, Jeepers should rely on something other than the local market installments or upgrades. 

I understand that many upgrades of firmware are not incorporated in the manufacturer’s version; therefore, in this scenario, you must only contact genuine distributors or professional mechanics.

Repairing cost of a TIPM

As I have mentioned before, replacing a TIPM is an expensive job. Still, fortunately, or unfortunately, it is a must-have.

Therefore, if you go for simple repairing, it may cost you around $100 to $1200, but replacing the whole TIPM would cost you around $1500. Still, it is a permanent solution to all the electronic issues in your Jeep.

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Wrap Up

After reading this guide, you must know how vital TIPM is for Jeepers that even its minor failure could ground your Jeep in a garage.

Moreover, in this article, you learned about the symptoms of TIPM failure, its causes, and the heavy price you have to pay if it fails. Therefore, the best way to prevent malfunctioning is to adopt good cleaning practices to keep it away from moisture and bugs.

In the end, I hope you always avoid falling into the problem of a faulty TIPM.

Till next time, have a safe drive!

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