Jeep Alarm Keeps Going Off? (8 Reasons & How to Fix It)

Are you frustrated with getting a wary eye from your neighbors or fellow motorists for a continuously ringing jeep alarm? Besides frustration, it isn’t very comfortable too. The Jeep Grand Cherokee alarm is loud enough to wake you up and your neighbors mid-sleep.

There could be multiple reasons, like a broken key fob, a dead battery, or a bad sensor that keeps the Jeep Cherokee alarm going off. This blog will provide insights into the most feasible DIY fixes to tackle the problem diligently.

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Key takeaways

  • Permanent fix: Recharge the jeep battery, remove rust from rusted battery terminals, replace the key fob, reprogram the BCM, or check for faulty sensors or wire connections will fix the blaring alarm.
  • Quick DIY fix: Lock/unlock jeep doors, switch on the ignition, pull-out wires, or break the fuse are the possible quick fixes for your crazy alarm.

Jeep Grand Cherokee alarm keeps going off- Reasons.

It could be any of the below reasons. Check out the details to know the underlying causes promptly. 

Jeep Alarm Keeps Going Off

1. Dead jeep battery

The main battery of the jeep is responsible for powering different systems like sensors, Wi-fi, and others. A dying battery could not read the signals correctly, resulting in buzzing off alarms. Moreover, if the main battery dies, the jeep alarm goes off when unlocking the door with a key to signal that the user cannot drive the car.

If your jeep car alarm goes off intermittently, check the water levels of your battery and the maintenance it needs. If it has grown older than 3 years, it is better to replace it with a new one.

2. Faulty sensors

Jeep drivers love off-roading on sandy and slippery areas due to its extraordinary exhibit of road stability. This dirt and debris get stuck in the sensors, making them inefficient in reading the proper signals and causing false alarms.

Moreover, unique anti-theft systems are installed in the hood and the door locks for the safety of the driver and the jeep itself. Whenever water seeps into it, the computer reads the wrong signals that allow the jeep alarm to go off.

3. Loose/broken wire connection

Faulty wire connections are another cause you need to check, as broken or loose wires could send wrong signals to the BCM. Accompanying symptoms could be a blaring horn along with the alarm. If this is the case, check for the wire connections systematically to troubleshoot the faulty wiring. Surf for the door pins, door locks, windows, and hood.

4. Sticky buttons of a key fob

A jammed button on the key fob results in continuous signals to the door lock resulting in the buzzing off alarm. It may occur due to exposure to moisture, a low battery of the key fob, poor wire connections, or repeated dropping of a key fob.

5. Faulty Body Control Module (BCM)

Body Control Module or BCM manages all the electrical signals sent from the different components, including the alarm system, door lock sensors, windows, and automatic headlights, and displays them as error signals.

BCM operates similarly to a computer. Suppose anything goes wrong with programming or built-in form. In that case, it becomes inefficient for reading signals, eventually resulting in fake alarms.

6. Alarm system installation issues

If you are not a computer expert, proper alarm system installation will be a bit technical for you. Since the manufacturer’s alarm system only protects against mishaps and possible theft signals, many users opt for going to a regular mechanic for installation of an advanced alarm system. Sometimes the mechanic needs to be more professional in encoding the alarm system in a jeep that causes inadvertent alarm beeps.

7. Corroded battery terminals

Corroded and dirty terminals are also one of the major causes of continuous blaring jeep alarm. Rusty or corroded terminals could be due to overcharging or undercharging the battery. In this case, the jeep computer reads the error as a low-voltage car battery resulting in the continuous ringing of the alarm.

8. The key fob needs reprogramming.

Key fob malfunctioning is a common issue. It could be for any reason, including a dying key fob battery, in-built programming deletion, or signal loss. Unfortunately, key fob has shorter life spans due to which, after a certain period, it needs to get repaired or entirely replaced by the dealership.

What to do if my Jeep Grand Cherokee alarm keeps going off?

For the problems discussed above, you can opt for possible solutions like recharging the jeep battery, removing rust from the corroded terminals of a battery, replacing the key fob, reprogramming the BCM, or checking for faulty sensors or wire connections. Still, if the jeep Cherokee alarm won’t turn off, you can take the following measures.

1. Find the alarm switch.

I recommend you read the manufacturer’s manual before doing this. If you bought a local market alarm, the alarm system must have come with a manual. Please read the instructions properly and, following them, trace the alarm switch to turn it off. Generally, the alarm switch lies under the driver’s seat. Using it, turn off or disable the alarm.

2. Reset the alarm system

Again, the resetting of the alarm is a guided process explained in the owner’s manual. I would never recommend removing the jeep alarm, as it is placed for your safety. Hence, it is better to reset it using the manual. Or if this task seems impossible, seek some professional help.

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How to turn off my jeep alarm? Quick fix

Suppose you are far from the city and cannot find a nearby mechanic to fix your alarm. In that case, I have some quick DIY solutions that temporarily turn off your alarm.

1. Lock and unlock doors

The easiest and most common solution to fix your blaring alarm is to lock or unlock your jeep doors. This could be done by using the key fob or real keys. Just put them into the door lock; hopefully, this will do the deed.

2. Turn on the ignition.

Another easy hack to turn off your crazy alarm is turning on the engine. If the alarm goes off, try switching it ON and OFF a few times. Indeed, it would help if there is no hidden severe issue.

3. Pull-out the wires

You can do this easily if you have some hands-on knowledge about cars and their systems. Just disconnect the wires of the alarm system going to the battery. Usually, they are concealed under the steering rack and can be swiftly done in one go.

4. Remove the alarm fuse.

Another trick that can work if the jeep alarm keeps going off is to pull out the correct fuse from the battery. Make sure you do it after cutting the voltage supply unless electrocution might happen. Remember, it is not a safe step. It is only recommended if you have basic knowledge of car batteries and wires.

Wrap up:

A blaring car alarm is always a moment of embarrassment for the driver, especially when it happens at midnight. Surely, this blog has provided complete information on the causes of keeping your alarm going off. In addition, I have provided you with some significant DIY fixes to shut the alarm before it ruins your repo.

Till next time have a safe drive!

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