Jeep Cherokee Sport Mode: When It is Used?

You might have heard about different traction modes in modern SUVs, including snow, sand, mud, rough terrain, etc. Out of which sport mode is the most demanding one. This article will help you find all the answers and the desired information about the sport mode in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

So, if you want to become more educated about Jeep Cherokee’ sport mode and when it is used, continue scrolling.

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What is the sport mode on a Jeep Cherokee?

Sport mode is a feature that improves the overall responding ability of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This system is designed for enthusiastic Jeepers who want better control over their driving from the controller’s seat.

It alters the traction management system by increasing the traction, giving better acceleration, and altering the suspension settings without the driver’s involvement. It also improves the balance of a Jeep allowing the driver to take sharp turns safely.

Furthermore, it lowers the height of the suspension system, giving accentuated stability favorable for up-hilling or driving on a twisty road.

Jeep Cherokee Sport Mode

What does sport mode do in Jeep Cherokee?

Sport mode is an advanced feature that enhances the adaptability of your Jeep Cherokee. Mainly it is designed for rough terrains and off-roading experiences. It assists the driver in taking quick driving changes, including turns, climbing, or traveling on a rocky surface without the driver’s incorporation.

You can use the sport mode anywhere, but it is beneficial while off-roading as it gives extra horsepower, torque, and traction to help the engine cover rough terrains easily and quickly. And due to these enhanced performance measures, continuous use of the Sport Mode results in a decreased fuel economy.

When should I use the sport mode Jeep Cherokee?

Modern SUVs have multiple modes, including snow, mud, sand, or sport mode. You can use this mode anytime, as it will help you take sharp turns or overtake other vehicles while driving in a city. 

Moreover, it reduces stress on the engine and provides a smooth ride without bumps. But it is not recommended to use this mode while raining or snowing. However, you can use it if you need to speed up on open plains or highways.

How do I use sport mode?

‘Sport mode’ is usually positioned near the gear stick or the dashboard or console of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, this position can vary with the models of the Jeep. 

Sport mode can be signed with the push of a button. The Jeep will automatically detect the terrain you are driving in and adapt the Jeep’s setting according to it. However, if you want to be more specific, you can choose any terrain settings given by the manufacturer.

To switch to the sport mode, you must lower your Jeep’s driving speed so that the gears’ shifting is done safely and successfully. You don’t need to bring it to a full stop position.

Disadvantages of using sport mode in Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Selec-terrain option allows you to choose different terrain options in your Jeep. However, this adaptability comes with a few downsides too. 

Let’s look at a few disadvantages of selecting sport mode in your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

  1. The engine overheats due to high RPM and more significant load.
  2. Power trains will suffer early wear and tear.
  3. The fuel economy will drastically suffer due to improved torque and acceleration.
  4. The efficiency of the brake system will decrease, leading you to brake harder at times of need.
  5. The suspension system will be impacted due to lower ground clearance, high speed, and quick turns.

How do I turn off sport mode?

These new advancements have improved the system’s driver control by just sitting on the controller’s seat.

Turning on or off the sport mode is as easy as blinking an eye. You need to push a button to turn the sport mode off. It may be located near the shifter knob or the console. However, the position might vary with the change in the model. Still, the turning on or off mechanism remains the same for every SUV.

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Wrap up:

Sport mode gives an extra kick to your driving by improving the overall ride experience. It gives you an overpowering authority over your Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

For sure, these modes are created by the manufacturers to improve Jeep’s adaptability for the driver’s convenience but, mind that you are going to pay a few more cents for the fuel to experience this mode. But, for enthusiasts, it is always worth spending.

So, what are you waiting for, keep your foot on the throttle and buzz off.

Till next time, happy driving!

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