Jeep Grand Cherokee Panoramic Sunroof Problems [FIXED]

Sunroofs are the openings where you can exhale your worries and inhale some fresh air while bathing in sunlight is also a great option. Jeep Grand Cherokee has one of the best sunroofs in all the SUVs. Still, unfortunately, with time, some issues arise with the operating system.

Whether you have a mechanical or automated sunroof, you will face some issues after a couple of years. This blog will give you an in-depth insight into the problems related to sunroofs and how to fix them in simple ways.

So, stick to the write-up to get more details about the Jeep Grand Cherokee panoramic sunroof.

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What causes a sunroof to stop working?

If your car has a sunroof, it’s better to know about the relative issues and their solutions, as it will guide you from replacing the costly sunroof pane each time.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Panoramic Sunroof Problems

1: Shattered sunroof

Although sunroof panes are made of high-duty impact-resistant glass, they are not entirely undestroyable. Usually, the sunroof glass starts with a crack at a single point leading to complete pane destruction. 

Some common reasons for shattered sunroofs are heavy objects impacting the glass, specifically tree branches, wind during a storm; a collision might also lead to the shattering of the sunroof. Therefore, be cautious while parking your Jeep in a garage or driving during a storm.

2: Rattling sunroof

The rattling noise of the sunroof comes when the glass pane is out of alignment leading to a halted working. Moreover, if the sunroof pane is not sealed correctly, it creates annoying noises that signal an underlying issue.

3: Overweight on the Jeep’s roof

Jeeps are famous among off-roaders due to their incredible towing abilities. People like carrying their kayaks and campers on the roof while going on a journey, often without a carrying rack, eventually burdening the sunroof. This creates a crack or misalignment in the sunroof pane, causing it to stop working.

4: Faulty sunroof motor

There is a motor between the front and rear headliners of the seats  that is mainly responsible for a sunroof pane’s opening and closing actions. If the motor has any issues, it causes the sunroof pane to stop working.

5: Electrical issues

Working of modern Jeeps solely depends on the health of interconnected wirings. A broken fuse, a faulty switch, or a battery connection can cause broken sunroofs. Generally, these issues arise if the Jeeps grow old due to lack of maintenance or excessive traveling.

6: Issues with the control panel

Control panels are installed with electrical components to make the operations easier for the users. In the same way, Jeep Grand Cherokee’s panoramic sunroof does have a control panel. At various times the issue behind the inoperable panoramic sunroof lies with the control panel, as this control panel gets affected by extreme temperature or humidity.

7: Leakage in the sunroof

Leakage in the panoramic sunroof is generally caused during rainy seasons, leading the water to seep inside the Jeep leading to electrical issues of motor or control panel problems.

How to fix the sunroof on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Replacing the sunroof is costly; therefore, I recommend troubleshooting the prevalent issues instead of replacing the whole sunroof.

1: Fix the control panel

The control panel has firmware that needs to be upgraded with time. Therefore, consider updating the software or diagnosing any malware in the system. A virus in the software could also lead to issues in control panel working. 

You can contact the manufacturer for system updates.

2: Fix corrosion or rust.

Due to the continuous water leaking from the sunroof pane, corrosion develops at several places, specifically corners. You can get rid of that with the help of sandpaper or by rubbing the rust with an alcoholic solution. 

Apply light-duty grease to provide extra protection to the sunroof pane. Furthermore, if you live in a humid area. In that case, it’s better to use a rust reformer in areas prone to corrosion or rusting.

3: Fasten the dual locks.

Several times the issue behind an inoperable sunroof pane lies in the loose dual locks. First, check which of the locks seem loose visually, then use a magnetic screwdriver to tighten it. Magnetic screwdrivers help in keeping the screw head straight and in position while tightening.

4: Replace the sunroof motor

Replacement of the sunroof motor is not a budget-friendly option; therefore, inspect the ins and outs of the sunroof motor thoroughly,then consider replacing it if the issue doesn’t resolve.  Replacement of the complete sunroof motor and wiring will cost you around $150 to $200.

A faulty sunroof motor is one of the major causes of inoperable panoramic sunroofs and symptoms such as hauling operations after driving for a few minutes due to inconsistent heating or a short circuit.

5: Repairing the leakage.

Mostly the panoramic sunroof leakage is caused due to the cracked gaskets. Therefore, use a suitable adhesive or silicone gel to repair the broken or cracked gaskets. But if the problem continues, consider replacing the whole gasket around the sunroof area.

6: Cleaning the dirt and debris

Dust and debris are caught up due to intensive driving routines, which causes the sunroof pane’s opening and closing to malfunction. Therefore, try cleaning it with a dry cloth or small-headed brush or wash the pane for deep cleaning.

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Wrap up

A sunroof is an undoubtedly attractive feature with multiple advantages for adventurers. Although some problems are associated with it, they can be quickly resolved. So, go ahead and buy your favorite feature and use this article as a guide if you are stuck with any sunroof issues.

Till next time, have a safe drive!


1: How much does it cost to fix a Jeep sunroof?

Sunroof replacement is an easy task but an expensive one due to its electronic equipment. The cost factors depend upon aftermarket prices and labor costs in your area. However, these are the few costs related to fixing the sunroof problems.

  • Glass replacement: $250 – $450
  • Motor replacement: $300 – $600
  • Complete sunroof replacement: $500 – $1100
  • Repairing sunroof leakage: $150 – $300
  • Sunroof track replacement: $500 – $850

2: How to reset Jeep Grand Cherokee panoramic sunroof?

For resetting your Jeep Grand Cherokee‘s sunroof, follow the below DIY hack:

  1. Make sure the sliding panel is completely closed.
  2. Press and hold the CLOSE button for 10 seconds to restart the process.
  3. When the sliding panel is tilted, it automatically moves to the hard stop.
  4. Now release the CLOSE button and re-press it for another 10 seconds.
  5. Now the sunroof panel will go to the closed position and again open and closed positions as you press the button.
  6. Release the button. Your sunroof is reset now.

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