Jeep Key Fob Not Detected? – [Here’s Quick Fix]

Key fob not detected‘ This message sounds like a nightmare to the drivers!

I can totally relate to your worries when it becomes almost impossible to open your jeep, rest the driving part. Indeed sometimes convenience becomes a spooky treat as a key fob, or these keyless remotes make you lazy enough to care about your actual keys. 

But don’t worry, here I have got you covered as you will get complete information about the possible causes of why your job key fob is not detected and what the solutions are to fix it.

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Key Takeaways

  • Permanent fix: replace the old battery, check for loose connections, recharge jeep battery, replace the RFID chip, switch off other interfering devices, reprogram key fob.
  • Quick fix: Position the top of the key fob on the start-stop button of the engine for full 5 seconds

What is a key fob?

A key fob is a programming-based system that allows locking/unlocking and switching ON/OFF the ignition. German Jeeps facilitate their customers with all new technologies to provide them convenience and ease of use.

In this modern era, it seems difficult to keep fumbling about keys, so the new key fob system encourages the driver to unlock his jeep with the help of a remote. 

Plus, the good point is that you can also drive your jeep with this key fob.

Jeep Key Fob Not Detected

What is the jeep key fob not detected error?

It is a common error found in all keyless system cars where the doors cannot read the coded signals sent from the remote, restricting the driver from entering and driving the car.

Both ends can generate the key fob recognition issue. There could be a faulty remote, or the car reader could have problems too.

Why is the Grand Cherokee key fob not detected? 8 main causes

This manual will walk you through the possible causes for your jeep key fob not working.

1. Dead key fob battery

The most common cause of the faulty jeep key fob is the remote’s dead batteries. Several times the maintenance of remotes slip off our minds due to which the long-due changed batteries stop working.

2. Programming issue

Generally, all of us keep the car remote in our pockets, and by mistake, some buttons are pressed, which results in the complete deletion of the right fob codes. This results in no detection by the jeep. Also, there is the possibility that a new code is programmed in the key fob by pressing the wrong buttons, which also creates hurdles in detecting the fob.

3. Corroded terminals

Corroded battery terminals could also be a reason for not detecting the key fob. Moreover, it could also happen if the connections have fallen loose or have missed conductivity.

4. Jeep battery discharged

Jeep’s battery can quickly be discharged if you have forgotten the headlights opened or you have overcharged your phone or some other charging device through it. 

Another reason your jeep key fob is also not working with even new batteries is that you rarely drive it. This also causes the car battery to die sooner than expected. 

Since recent models of Jeep doesn’t allow smoother connectivity with the remote if its own battery is dying.

5. Broken key fob buttons

Sticky key fob buttons could also be one reason for not correctly sending signals to the jeep. Also, sometimes the remote has broken or misaligned buttons that restrain adequate connectivity.

6. Frequency interference

Jeep gives its users numerous technological facilities, including Wi-Fi, hotspot setup, radio, anti-theft alarm, and GPS locators that ultimately interfere with the key fob’s frequency ultimately, resulting in overhauling the detection of remote signals.

7. Faulty door lock

Modern jeeps have signal reading chips installed in the door locks that help detect the key fob signals. If the chips wear out or dislocate from their actual position, it might create problems in detecting remote signals.

8. Use of a wrong fob key

Gen Z is always in a hurry, so you might not notice that you have brought the wrong remote. Remember that jeep cares for the security of its drivers since each of the jeeps has its distinct RFID chip installed on the door with a unique key fob, so it cannot be opened through any other remote.

How to fix your jeep key fob not detected Error? Solved

Fixing your key fob is a simple task. You need to troubleshoot the leading cause and then hit the nip in the bud.

Worrying about the problem will never lead you anywhere, so just read the 7 tips below to fix your jeep key fob.

1. Replace the old battery

A dead battery is one of the significant causes of not detecting the key fob, so replace the older ones with new cells.

2. Check the remote for corrosion or loose connection.

Open the terminals to check the condition of the battery terminals. If they have grown dirt, try using these steps to improve conductivity.

  • Any tiny metal debris could have been trapped between the terminals. Try removing it through a plunger or needle-plier.
  • The wire connecting with the terminal might have broken. Try replacing it with the new one.
  • If the terminals have corroded, clean them with an alcohol cloth or sandpaper.
  • Observe for any electrical damage, and if there is any, replace the circuit

3. Recharge your jeep battery

A dead jeep battery could also be a reason for non-conductivity. Recharge the battery if you have the proper equipment or if you lack one, you could easily pick out the battery and take it to a mechanic. It will be done in a couple of hours.

4. Fix the broken or misaligned buttons

Contact the official service providers to fix the broken buttons or replace the remote.

5. Switch off other interfering systems

Keep the wireless interfering system off while operating the key fob, as the signals might create hindrance, ultimately causing the error.

The owner’s manual for the Jeep Grand Cherokee for 2014 to 2022 mentions that if the key fob is placed next to a mobile phone, laptop, or Wi-Fi, the key fob signals might not be detected.

6. Replace the RFID chip

If you face a persistent error of the key fob not being detected, replace the jeep RFID chip, as it could also mean someone has tried damaging the chip for stealing purposes.

7. Reprogram your key fob

If none of the above solutions fix your key fob, reprogramming it is better. You can easily do it by running the proper program suggested in the owner’s manual. If you still can’t do so, take your jeep to a professional expert.

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How can you start a Jeep Grand Cherokee when the key fob is not detected?

If you have checked that your key fob is free of any issues still, the jeep is not starting. You can try this method to ignite the engine. Position the top of the key fob on the start-stop button of the engine for full 5 seconds. Then press the button on the top of the key fob.

Ensure you maintain the contact for 5 seconds unless the trick doesn’t work. Since this is only a temporary fix and might differ with the variety of models, the permanent solution is to get your jeep checked by a mechanic.

Wrap up

I hope this article was helpful as it got you covered through all the possible causes and solutions to fix the most common problem of key fob detection error. 

Still, if you need more help, you can try the Android or IOS apps exclusively designed for Jeep Grand Cherokee users.

Till then, have a safe drive!

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