Jeep Wrangler Security Light Flashing? [Solutions]

If your Jeep is flashing a security light above the temperature gauge, it may be a warning indicator of your broken security system.

Common reasons behind the security light flashing include battery issues, bad fuse, static electricity, or a problem with the motherboard.

In this blog, I will provide detailed insight into all the possible causes behind the Jeep Wrangler security light flashing and its effective fixes.

So, keep scrolling to learn more about that red light popping up on your dashboard.

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What does a Jeep Wrangler security light flashing mean?

The flashing vehicle security light indicates that your Jeep system is running a security check. Usually, this red pop-up light goes away in 15 to 20 seconds once the Jeep ensures that it is safe and secure.

But if its security alarm goes off after this security check, it warns you about a severe issue with your anti-theft alarm system

Moreover, it notifies you that someone has tried to break your security system. Now you need to be more cautious with your surroundings.

Jeep Wrangler Security Light Flashing

Why is a red light flashing above the temperature gauge on Jeep Wrangler?              

Possible reasons for the Jeep Wrangler red light flashing on the dashboard above the temperature gauge are included.

1: Low-voltage battery

One main reason behind the popping of the Jeep Wrangler security light flashing is the low voltage of the Jeep battery. The water level may have decreased from the suggested one.

2: The issue with the fuses

Most of the time, fuses of the vehicle security system get damaged or blown out, which causes the activation of the security light on the Jeep dashboard.

3: Underlying electrical problem

Modern Jeeps are operated through the Electronic Control Module (ECM). If any wire gets damaged or a fuse is blown, it triggers the security light.

In addition, if any bug gets into the ECM software, it causes the red light to blink, notifying the problem to the driver.

4: Dying battery of the Key Fob

If your Jeep is operated through a key Fob and its battery gets old or damaged, the security system doesn’t recognize the set key code. Hence, it will detect you as a thief.

How to fix Jeep Wrangler blinking Security light issue?

Here are some simple and practical solutions to fix your vehicle security system.

1: Replace blown fuses

The fuse box is located under the engine compartment. Check for any blown fuse. If you get any, replace them.

After replacement, run your Jeep; if the security light switches off, it is all due to a blown-out fuse.

2: Replace the Key Fob battery.

Replace your key Fob battery with a new one. Now check the security light by turning on the ignition to see if the light persists. If you cannot turn on your ignition through your key Fob, then consider reprogramming and synchronizing the Fob with Jeep. I hope it resolves the red light.

3: Check the coolant level

Check the coolant level; if it seems extremely low, check the hoses for leaks. If you find any coolant pipe punctured, replace the whole line to maintain your coolant level.

4: Check the electrical wiring.

Jeep has a long electrical wiring system that cannot be checked individually; therefore, it is better if you do it with the help of an OBDII scanner.

It will inspect and trace the problem on its own, notifying you. This way, you can replace or repair any stripped, damaged, or short wire.

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The red vehicle security light flashing on the dashboard indicates that the Jeep’s security system is activated due to the above mentioned reasons. 

In this blog, I have provided you with all the ways to fix this warning lightly. I hope it was helpful, and now you have all the information regarding the blinking of the security light.


1: How can you DIY reset the anti-theft system in a Jeep Wrangler?

By following these steps, you can reset your Jeep’s anti-theft system:

  • Insert the key in the door lock. First, unlock it, and then lock it again.
  • Turn it to unlock position again.
  • This will disable the alarm.
  • Now turn on the ignition and keep it for 15 minutes.
  • Then reset the alarm.

2: What are other symbols that pop up on the dashboard?

A few other warning lights that come and go on the dashboard are:

  • Engine temperature light
  • Fuel light
  • Traction control light
  • Engine warning light
  • Anti-Lock Brake System warning

3: What does a red lightning bolt on your Jeep mean?

The red lightning bolt indicates an issue with the electronic throttle control system. If a red bolt flashes on your dashboard, pulling over your Jeep at the roadside is better.

4: Why does the Jeep Wrangler security light blink?

Some of the leading causes due to which security light of the Jeep Wrangler flashes:

  • Low voltage battery
  • Dying battery of Key Fob
  • Blow out fuses
  • Motherboard problem
  • Electrical wiring issue

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