15 Head-Turning Jeep Wrap Ideas You Need to Try Today!

Off-roaders love to stand out in the fleet of hundreds, and wrapping your Jeep is the best way to do so. Outfitting the Jeep with a fancy cover, crafting it with a design, or just styling it with a metallic sheen is a modern way for Gen Z to give a style statement. We are here to help you with zillions of ideas to rebrand your Jeep’s outlook.

Jeep wraps not only give it a unique outfit, but also it will protect your Jeep against weather elements and road hazards. So why not opt for something fancy and safe as well?

Let’s check out what ideas this article has to offer you.

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Key Takeaways

Approximate cost breakdown summary for Jeep Wrangler wrap ideas:

Jeep Wrangler surface DIY$250-$400
Vinyl finish cost$1,600-$6,000
Jeep Wrangler wrap$1,700-$12,000
Chrome wrap cost$7,000-$12,500

8 Types of Jeep Wrap

A wrap is a large decal that covers the exterior of a Jeep or other vehicle to give it a distinctive and unique look. It contains adhesive on one side and a laminated coating on the other to protect it from scratches and burrs.

Jeep wraps can be customized according to the customer’s demand and budget. Types of Jeep wraps include:

1. Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wrap is the most common and affordable jeep wrap available to cover your interior, including the dashboard, trims, or seats. Although it will fade or scuff easily, there are hundreds of patterns available best suited for interior aesthetics.

2. Metallic wrap

A metallic wrap is a rare choice nowadays as it gives the car an aggressive look. Since the covering process is laborious and tedious, therefore, the use of metallic wrap is less common. It is generally used to cover the rear exterior of Jeep Wranglers during a monster truck race.

3. 3M wrap

3M is the most common type of Jeep wrap among drivers as it is long-lasting, doesn’t fade quickly, and above all, the installation process is more straightforward. Moreover, it is affordable and gives your Jeep a unique look.

4. Carbon wrap

Carbon wraps are light and easy to install. They come in catchy prints with animal designs and graphic art for customizing your Jeep to stand out. They are affordable and can be quickly done on the front, rear, and other jeep parts.

5. Matte wrap

A matte wrap is the latest type of wrap and is highly common among Jeep owners. Matte wrap maintains a dull finish which is closer to a natural look. They are easy to install and last longer than vinyl wraps.

6. Gloss wrap

Gloss wrap is a dual-purpose wrap. It provides luster to your original paint and protects it from scratches or corrosion. A gloss wrap generally lasts five years and is a little more expensive than the standard vinyl wraps.

7. Custom painting

Custom-made things are unique as well as costly. Likewise, custom painting maintains a secret place among Jeep owners as they can change the Jeep’s look per their desires.

8. Paint Protection Film (PPF)

If you are a modest Jeep owner, you might opt for protecting the genuine Jeep parts including paint. PPF is the protective film installed on the manufacturer’s paint to shield it from dings, scratches, chip-offs, and other harmful elements.

15 wrap ideas for Jeep

1. Camouflage Jeep wrap:

A wrap that blends your Jeep with the natural off-roading environment.

2. Bold wrap:

A wrap with bold color and ultimate shine to make your Jeep stand out in a fleet

3. Graphic wrap:

A wrap that features an adventurous look.

4. Dual color wrap:

A dual color jeep wrap to give a unique and sturdy costume.

5. Fun wrap:

A jeep wrap that is based on a theme of your favorite sports team or logo.

6. Forest-themed Jeep:

A jeep wrap that is based on a natural theme of woods.

7. Christmas-themed Jeep:

A jeep wrap following the perfect colors of Christmas.

8. Artistic Jeep:

A jeep wrapped with a painting sketched on the exterior.

9. Military-themed wrap:

A jeep wrap based on military colors to show some love towards your soldiers and army.

10. Big blue:

A jeep wrap idea that has an overall blue solid color with metallic sheen.

11. Checkered theme:

A distinctive checkered theme idea for a jeep costume.

12. Custom design:

You can customize the wrap as per your desire with a logo, art, or favorite symbol.

13. Aggressive look:

A mixture of different colors to make it aggressive and rugged.  

14. Passionate theme:

Passion towards colors is the best jeep wrap idea.

15. Business-themed wrap:

An advertisement-based customized jeep wrap idea to publish your business.

DIY wrapping technique

If you are a DIYer and like to wrap the Jeep yourself, then with the help of the below-mentioned tools and steps, you can easily do it.

Tools needed

  1. Heat Gun Spray
  2. Bottle Dish Soap
  3. Alcohol Water
  4. Microfiber Detailing Towel
  5. Specialist Vinyl Wrap Tool kit
  6. Hard Professional Squeegee Vinyl Wrap
  7. High-quality wrapping gloves 
  8. Edge Cutting Tape
  9. Cutting Blade Magnets to Hold the Wrap in Place


An indoor space free of dust and sun exposure is advised to wrap your Jeep.

  1. Wash your Jeep a day before and pat dry before starting.
  2. Strip the previous wrap if it had some remnants of older design.
  3. Using alcohol clean out all the surfaces to be wrapped to eliminate all impurities.
  4. Now using a vinyl wrap tool kit, start sticking the new wrap.
  5. Remove the contour lines with the help of a squeegee provided in the wrap kit.

Should I wrap my Jeep?

Jeep wraps create a unique outfit for your Jeep and protect it from extreme weather conditions and road hazards. Especially if you are an adventurer and love riding your Jeep on rough terrains, then your Jeep’s exterior is more exposed to scratches and bumps. It would help if you chose to wrap and keep it protected for the following benefits:

  1. Jeep wrap costs half as compared to the paint job.
  2. Wraps offer a better quality against rugged conditions, sun exposure, and humidity while, paints get cracked, faded, scratched, or peeled off more quickly than a wrap.
  3. Jeep wrap hardly takes a couple of days, while color requires weeks.
  4. Jeep wraps are designed to last longer than paints.
  5. Jeep wraps have various ideas available with graphic designs, logos, abstract art, or even unique shades of colors.
  6. Jeep wraps improve resale value.
  7. Jeep wraps don’t require an intensive maintenance routine as they are free from pores, restraining corrosion.

How much does it cost to wrap my Jeep?

Wrapping a jeep will cost you around $1300 to $10,000. A vinyl wrap will cost between $1300 to $4000, while a chrome wrap will be even higher, between $6000 to $10,000. Since the prices depend upon the labor cost and type of material, you choose.

Here is an approximate guideline for the wraps:

  • Oracal silver carbon fiber: $240 for a 5 x 25 feet roll
  • Avery white carbon fiber: $290 for a 5 x 25 feet roll
  • 3M black carbon fiber: $440 for a 5 x 25 feet roll
  • 3M matte black: $240 for a 5 x 25 feet roll
  • Avery gloss black: $210 for a 5 x 25 feet roll

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Factors that affect the wrap prices

Jeep wraps are available in different varieties and customizable prints according to your wish, affordability, and purpose of use, which affect the prices. The main factors influencing the Jeep wrap costs include:

  • Size of Jeep
  • Area to be covered
  • Design of wrap
  • Type of wrap chosen
  • Labor cost

Final thoughts

Jeep wrap is a fabulous idea to make it eye-catching in the herd of thousands, along with needed protection. In the above article, I have provided you with fancy ideas to make your Jeep stand out. So don’t delay now. Pick your favorite idea and kickstart the wrapping-off session according to the DIY steps given above.

Till next time have a safe drive!

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