What is The Jeep Wave? Jeep Hand Signs & Rules!

Owning a Jeep is an honor, and the Jeepers don’t forget to ensure this fact on their fellow drivers through the Jeep Wave.

Jeep Wave is a welcoming gesture for all fellow Jeep drivers to extend a virtual hand of friendship and show a feeling of community. Though Jeep Wave has roots in history, now the Jeepers regard each other, appreciate each other’s sense of choice, and make sure that no one is alone in any trouble or difficult time while off-roading.

Let’s check out some details regarding the Jeep Wave as how it is done and what it embodies to other drivers.

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What is the Jeep Wave sign?

Jeep Wave is a camaraderie gesture to fellow Jeepers to appreciate their taste for choosing this sturdy beast for accompanying on adventure trips. 

Humans love to socialize and live in a community with us-like people all around. So, the Jeep Wave started to build a Jeep community. Mostly, jeepers go on adventurous trips and are left alone, facing hardships. So, the Jeep wave sign was created to extend a gesture that you will never be alone; others will help you bring you out of the hurdle.

How is the Jeep Wave done?

There are three basic ways of doing a Jeep wave:

Style # 1: Two fingers off the steering with a nod.

Style # 2: Four fingers off the steering with a nod.

Style # 3: Whole hand off the steering with a nod.

There is no hard and fast method of doing a Jeep wave. It depends on your driving style and level of comfort, in which you can extend greetings to your fellow Jeep drivers.

A Jeep wave can also be done by hanging your head loose outside the window or the windshield in case you don’t have any. Regardless of your style or gesture, be ready to receive a greeting or love in return.

Jeep Wave history

There are three theories based on the origin of the Jeep Wave,

World War II: Jeep was known as the military vehicle. During World War II, Jeep was used to carry wounded soldiers, arms, and weapons to the battlefield. The armed soldiers kept a sense of trust in Jeep that it would not deceit in times of need. Jeep was also used as a symbol for differentiating between allies and enemies as allied forces like Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand also used it for performing military errands.

After World War II: As the war ended, numerous soldiers bought Jeeps due to nostalgia. Since it was an easy way to recognize fellow soldiers of World War II, it became a trend of regarding and appreciating each other for the services they offered with a Jeep Wave or nod.

Civil use: After the 1970s, the company Jeep was purchased by the American Motor Corporation (AMC), and observing the attachment of natives to the Jeep, the company initiated a mass production drive. Civilians bought Jeeps at huge level, specifically the off-roading enthusiasts, after which Jeep Wave became common among the drivers to appreciate their shared taste.

Jeep Wave program

Jeep Wave Program is a new initiative by the manufacturers in which you get full free assistance for the first 24 months if you buy the following models of Jeep.

  • Wrangler – all models
  • Gladiator – all models
  • Compass – standard on Trailhawk
  • Renegade – standard on Trailhawk and Desert Hawk
  • Cherokee – bar on Trailhawk and Overland
  • Grand Cherokee – standard on Trailhawk, High Altitude, Summit, SRT, and Overland

Moreover, the customer service staff will help you schedule appointments for oil and tire changes. Also, if you book a car service, they give you a no-charge car to ride on that day.

If these benefits don’t seem enough, then one more will bring you to the baseline. The Jeep Wave Program gives you and your family emergency transportation insurance from anywhere if your Jeep breaks down. But remember the charges are only paid up to $1000.

Furthermore, some recreational activities are organized every year for the Jeep family.

Surely, Jeep is putting so much effort into building a community by assisting its drivers, enthusiasts, and off-roaders.

Is the Jeep Wave only for wranglers?

Indeed, Jeep Wrangler is the most premium model of the brand, but this Jeep Wave program is for every member regardless of the make or model.

Jeep Wave Rules

If you are passionate and want to top the list of Jeep hierarchy, follow these rules.

Rule # 1: Respect the vintage versions. If you see any classic Jeeps like a CJ or a VJ passing by, first give your Jeep Wave. If the member greets you the same, come out of your silhouette and offer a handshake. According to this rule, the original Willys MB gets the most respect.

Rule # 2: Dirt symbolizes ruggedness. Jeep is designed for off-roaders who love crawling off mountains, being taken by the views, and undergoing rocky trails. Remember, if you keep your Jeep clean and washed, you will be considered a mall-crawler instead of an enthusiast.

Rule # 3: Show love to your Jeep. It implies that you show some passion through your modifications. Get your undercarriage raised, put on some bigger tires, get a new set of fenders, and wrap your Jeep with a bold idea. The more you accessorize, the more you will be noticed and ranked.

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Final Words:

Jeep Wave is not just a gesture. It is a mindset that brings a community together with people who believe in overcoming obstacles and are adventurous enough not to get carried away with their fatigue.  

So, pridefully embrace this lifestyle and display your passion with a Jeep Wave. Driving a Jeep can connect you to a great history of martyrs and soldiers. The Jeep Wave is your salute to them in a personalized manner.

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