GPS Not Working on Jeep Grand Cherokee? Here’s What To Do

Do you feel lost in the mountains while traversing?


Need help getting back to the headquarters?

If your GPS is not working on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, you might feel helpless returning to the baseline.

I have assembled this blog post to guide you about GPS problems, DIY fixes, and many of your frequently asked questions.

So, stay hooked until the end to find answers to all your queries regarding the GPS of your Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, or Renegade.

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How does a Jeep Grand Cherokee GPS work?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is an advanced technique to find locations and directions through your Jeep screen while driving.

Behind the LED, which directs the directions, there is a whole lot of science that plays its part. Let’s understand it most thoroughly so that you have an idea of how a GPS works.

Jeep Grand Cherokee’s GPS uses the global system for positioning that entertains 24 satellites orbiting around the Earth at 20,000 km altitude round the clock. That is why GPS provides accurate data on nearly all the locations on Earth.

However, the LED screen of the Jeep works as a human interface to connect those satellites.

Why Is GPS Not Working on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Jeep Grand Cherokee GPS issues may arise due to a frozen screen, signal issues from a faulty antenna, or incorrect directions due to firmware bugs. Try DIY fixes: visually inspect and possibly replace the antenna, consult a software technician for mapping issues, or restart the system by holding the volume and center knobs for an unresponsive screen.

GPS Not Working on Jeep Grand Cherokee

Your GPS might face these issues listed below:

1: Frozen screen issue.

An unresponsive screen is a common issue with Jeep Grand Cherokee’s LED. It generally happens due to faults in electric wiring or hardware issues. 

Due to this screen problem, your GPS screen will not respond for a few minutes, but it will start working independently after a while.

2: GPS signal issues

GPS signals are dependent on the Jeep’s antenna. The antenna often goes out of order due to extreme weather conditions like rain or wind, so it stops picking up signals.

3: Incorrect directions 

The GPS works with Google Maps to give you the correct direction and information about your location. However, sometimes there is a firmware issue that causes a bug in the interaction of GPS and Google map, eventually leading to misguided information to the user.

DIY fix for faulty GPS of Jeep Grand Cherokee

These fixes will help you recover your GPS on your own.

1: Fixing the antenna

For this, you need to inspect that antenna visually; if it seems twisted or damaged, you might have to replace it. 

But don’t worry; an antenna replacement will not cause you an arm or a leg. It is quite an affordable replacement.

2: Fixing the mapping issue

The GPS mapping issue can easily be fixed with the help of a software technician. If there is a bug in the firmware, it can be replaced too.

3: Fixing the unresponsive screen

Hold the volume and center knob buttons for a few seconds if your screen remains unresponsive. The whole system will shut down and restart while flashing the brand name.

It generally happens independently and is fixed in a while; however, check the fuses behind the screen if it is a recurrent issue. If any relay or fuse is damaged, a quick replacement will fix the frozen screen issue immediately.

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Why equip your Jeep with a GPS?

Unfortunately, Jeeps don’t come with a built-in GPS tracker. However, new models have a Uconnect system that helps you link to your Jeep remotely.

But GPS tracker is an important system all Jeepers must have. The most important part is that it protects Jeep from theft and helps track our locations. 

Most Jeepers are off-road at nighttime, and it gets very unsafe if any misfortune happens. Therefore, GPS trackers keep you bound to your loved ones in such a scenario.

How to reset Jeep navigation system?

Setting up the navigation system is an easy task. Make sure you follow these steps:

  • Select favorites from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose your current location.
  • To set the default location, press the menu icon.
  • Tap on delete.
  • Choose yes from the pop-up menu.

How to use Jeep Grand Cherokee navigation system?

You must follow these steps to enter your location from the cabin.

  • Press the Nav button from the lower right corner of your LED.
  • Tap on ‘Where To?’
  • Press on “Address”
  • Click on “Enter city” and enter data here.
  • Enter your street name and street number here.
  • Confirm the destination by clicking on ‘yes’ from the pop-up menu.

You can also perform this setup through voice control. Follow the directions accordingly and finish setting your navigation system on the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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How do I update the GPS in my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

These steps will help you update your GPS in your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

  • Using the drop-down menu, check the software version you are using.
  • Now check on the website to see if any advanced version is available. 
  • If yes, choose that mapping software, pay the subscription charges, and allow automatic updates.
  • Following this, your Jeep Grand Cherokee GPS will be updated to the most advanced features available on the site.

Uconnect update cost on Jeep Grand Cherokee

Uconnect update cost highly depends on the model and year of your Jeep Grand Cherokee, as some updates are always free depending on your make.

While for membership for upgraded services, you have to pay $14.99 per month.

Does Jeep Grand Cherokee have GPS?

Jeeps have their navigation system available with the name of Uconnect. At the same time, the TomTom navigation app helps accurately find the destination along with better fuel economy.


GPS is essential as it encourages you to go on- and off-road without carrying a map. It also saves you from the hustle of continuously tracking your expected destination. Moreover, it also helps pinpoint destinations, nearby areas, and milestones and improves fuel economy.

Moreover, GPS also contributes a great deal to saving your Jeep from theft. Therefore, upgrade your navigation system to enjoy the perks and benefits of off-roading in your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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