Jeep Patriot Years to Avoid: 5 Red Flag Years

Besides Jeep being the most loveable among SUVs, Jeep Patriot was still not a boom. It was launched in 2007 and discontinued in 2017 due to some common problems, including engine stalling, overheating, and water leaking. So, if you are a fan of this mediocre boxy style SUV, you must buy it used and avoid … Read more

Jeep Axle Identification by VIN [Detailed Guide]

VIN is for the Vehicle Identification Number, which differs for each car. Knowing your VIN is essential if you are looking for any spare parts or simply want to upgrade your Jeep. VIN leads to information including your Jeep’s model type, manufacture, and other essential things. This blog is a complete guide to grow your … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Jeep Engine?

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Jeep Engine

The engine plays a vital role in the performance of the Jeep. Once its service life is over, you will face multiple repetitive issues like stalling, odd noises, or smokey smell from the engine. So, replacing the engine is the best way to deal with these ongoing issues. However, engine replacement is an extensive job … Read more

Jeep HomeLink is not Working (Fixed!)

Jeep HomeLink is not Working

Technology has taken leaps for sure. You don’t have to leave your car seat to open your garage doors or activate your home interior or exterior appliances. Your Jeep Homelink can do all of this for you. Sounding like a straightforward application that enables you to have some peace time on your couch regardless of … Read more

What Does ‘Duck, Duck, Jeep’ Mean?

What Does 'Duck, Duck, Jeep' Mean

The best thing about Jeep is not its brand but the sense of alliance it gives to each and every member who belongs to the Jeep community. ‘Duck, Duck, Jeep’ and ‘Jeep Wave’ are the two gestures that Jeep owners widely use to spread kindness, brotherhood, and respect among each other. So, next time you … Read more

Are Jeeps Expensive to Maintain? (Answered)

Are Jeeps Expensive to Maintain

For sure, Jeep is a classic car sold for its brand name, and the Jeep manufacturers know that its customer base runs after the status symbol more than its offroad prowess and durability. This article is for all the readers who desire to embrace the sense of community the Jeep provides its owners. Are Jeeps … Read more

Do All Jeeps Have Easter Eggs? (Complete Guide)

Do All Jeeps Have Easter Eggs

Are you amazed to read about your Jeep having some eggs?I am pretty sure this brand has kept some outgoing marketing experts on their side who never fail to surprise their fan base. Keep scrolling to find out what Jeep Easter eggs are, which Jeeps have them, their location, quantity and more about these exciting … Read more

Jeep ABS and Traction Control Lights On

Jeep ABS and Traction Control Lights On

Driving a jeep is not an art but doing it safely is! You need to gain basic knowledge about functions and safety features that will guide you in the long run. In this blog, I will explain what ABS and Traction Control systems are, why these lights flash, and what quick and permanent solutions are … Read more

Jeep USB Port Is Not Working – Why? How To Fix?

Jeep USB Port Is Not Working

A USB port is also known as an aux input used for connecting data cables or simply charging other stuff.  Usually, we love listening to music or playing any video while driving, and it is frustrating when the USB port stops working. Not only for entertainment but a USB port is used for work purposes … Read more

Jeep Quick Order Packages Explained

jeep quick order packages explained

Ordering a customized Jeep can be stressful as well as unaffordable, especially when you are an enthusiast Jeeper and love to give different looks to your Jeep now and then. In this case, the Jeep quick order packages help you satisfy your aesthetical cravings with the pre-built packages. These packages might vary in price depending … Read more