Are Jeeps Expensive to Maintain? (Answered)

For sure, Jeep is a classic car sold for its brand name, and the Jeep manufacturers know that its customer base runs after the status symbol more than its offroad prowess and durability.

This article is for all the readers who desire to embrace the sense of community the Jeep provides its owners.

Are Jeeps expensive to maintain? This is the first question that arises in the minds of interested buyers, and the simple answer is yes. But why?

This article will walk you through; why Jeeps are expensive to maintain, the average annual maintenance cost, major Jeep failures and lots more about keeping this fusion car with vintage looks. So, keep on reading.

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Are Jeeps expensive to maintain?

Regrettably, the answer is yes. There are numerous reasons which make Jeeps one of the most expensive SUVs.

First is your choice of model. It is only that some of the models are pricey. Models like Wrangler and Cherokee give you a medium range, so they are sold more than the other models. Grand Cherokee, Trailhawk, and Rubicon are costly Jeep models due to their lavish interiors, powerful engines, and incredible offroad abilities.

Are Jeeps Expensive to Maintain

Another reason for Jeeps being expensive is their spare parts. Rarely does an automotive shop keep all the spare parts of a Jeep at one time. Sometimes you have to order them from another state, while sometimes, you need to place an order internationally, which makes the maintenance even more costly.

Moreover, only some of the mechanics can repair Jeep; only expert ones can do it due to its advanced specification. For which they charge more from the owner.

Advantages of keeping a Jeep

More than a brand, Jeep gives you a free hand to drive anywhere with safety and comfort. Its reliability makes it the most selected SUV among off-roaders.

Jeeps are best for hiking, snow gliding, traversing mountains, and going into the forest, and even ideal for hunters. It gives you an extraordinary capacity for cargo and has the ultimate power for towing heavy vehicles or even campers.

Jeeps have a spacious interior, which travelers mostly choose for long travels. Moreover, when buying a Jeep, customers receive a 36-month maintenance plan that reduces the initial repair cost to less than 35%. Furthermore, its rugged features make the overall repair frequency less than other vehicles.

Disadvantages of keeping a Jeep

We know without a doubt that the Jeep changes the status symbol, but before falling prey to that luxurious driving wheel, make sure you know about all the downsides too.

 Jeeps are extremely pricey vehicles; the average model is nearly $30,000, and the top ones are almost $70,000 to $80,0000.

Secondly, Jeep has the worst fuel economy, which means more gas and fewer miles. Besides this, the average maintenance cost is a big dent in the pocket, so make sure you choose wisely while buying a brand-new Jeep. In comparison, you can buy a used model that will lessen your expenditure by approximately 25%.

Average annual maintenance cost

Breakdowns are a part of the driving cycle. Usually, a Jeep goes through one major repair in a lifetime that could vary from $900 to $5000, depending on the type of repair. However, the annual repair during the first three years costs around $300 to $350, doubles by six years and quadruples by twelve years of use.

It is not always the story that the spare parts are expensive. Still, due to its brand name, mechanics usually charge more for repairing Jeep than the other vehicles.

We have given below the average quarterly Jeep maintenance cost breakdown for your convenience.

Years of UseAverage Quarterly Maintenance Cost

Are Jeeps expensive to insure?

Jeeps are often driven on challenging mountainous routes, due to which accidents or breakdowns are even greater in frequency and serious in nature. Due to this, the insurance companies set higher maintenance costs initially in the agreements.

The average annual insurance cost for a Jeep lies between $700 to $1500, including the repair of safety features and major body repairs. This insurance categorizes into low-paid plans to premium plans which might vary in the feature coverage.

A wholesome premium plan gives complete coverage of replacement as well as repair of anti-theft devices, Anti-lock Braking Systems, Cruise control, TPS, Electronic Stability Control and many others.

What are the most common Jeep breakdowns?

While buying a Jeep, you must be aware of the most common breakdowns in Jeeps. If you are mechanically inclined, you can also deal with a few of these breakdowns.

Is Jeep Wrangler expensive to maintain?

Wrangler is the most widely used Jeep model for its budget-friendly features. It gives you an ultimate driving experience and saves you from over-priced maintenance expenditures. The average annual maintenance cost of a Wrangler is about $500, which is lower than the other models like Grand Cherokee or Trailhawk.

 Moreover, when choosing a spare part, always go for quality instead of pricing and conduct thorough market research before payment to get the best quality at an adequate price.

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Final thoughts

In summary, it is a give-and-take deal. You will get in exchange for what you pay for. Although Jeeps are high-maintenance SUVs but at the same time, they are the most durable vehicle. Due to their rugged structure and outclass performance, you can easily rely on them during your challenging off-roading ventures.

Jeep has built its fan base by providing quality for years in time of need, which is why it has a community of loyal customers; we are sure that if you can pay the buying price, you can pay the maintenance cost too.

We hope that this article will help make you a wise selection.

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