What Does ‘Duck, Duck, Jeep’ Mean?

The best thing about Jeep is not its brand but the sense of alliance it gives to each and every member who belongs to the Jeep community. ‘Duck, Duck, Jeep’ and ‘Jeep Wave’ are the two gestures that Jeep owners widely use to spread kindness, brotherhood, and respect among each other.

So, next time you see a rubber duck lying on your Jeep’s hood, feel happier that an unseen friend is there to make you feel special.

Scroll down to read more about the Duck, Duck, Jeep rules, who can do it, and how to participate in this program.

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Who started ‘Duck, Duck, Jeep’?

It all started in 2020, during the pandemic, when the whole world was mourning the loss of their loved ones and it was hard to find a smiling face. A woman named Allison Parliament tried to cheer up a Jeep partner by keeping a rubber duck on the hood with a note saying ‘Nice Jeep’.

What Does 'Duck, Duck, Jeep' Mean

The Jeep owner returned the gesture with a smile, after which Parliament and her friends continued doing it to spread happiness and joy all around. Later, it was also covered through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Even a Facebook group called ‘Jeep Ducking’ was also introduced, which now has members worldwide.

What Does ‘Duck, Duck, Jeep’ Mean?

Ducking Jeep simply means bringing joy to other Jeepers by keeping a rubber duck with an attached compliment note.

You might be going through a bad day after a misunderstanding with your spouse or a messy office day, and this simple compliment note with a quirky duck face could easily cheer you up. So, there are numerous ways you can spread a smile among others with little or no effort at all. You just need to have a kind heart and some positive vibes.

Jeep Ducking rules

Jeep Ducking is just a kind gesture; therefore, no such rules exist. You can buy rubber ducks of any size or shape and keep them with you. So, as soon as you see someone arriving with a Jeep, you can spread your love and appreciation by conveying your thoughts about their updated model, upgrade, color, or anything else you like about the Jeep of the driver.

Even you can forward the same duck you got from any Jeeper with a different note. Jeep ducking is simple and done to cherish your fellow Jeepers. Therefore, keep it simple, fun, and effortless.

What should you write on the Duck Note?

The duck note should be short, simple, and easy to understand. Try to be cheerful and appreciate your fellow drivers. You can praise their Jeep color, how they have maintained an older version, or their sense of modification.

 You can also express your joy at having the same Jeep models. Moreover, if they have used a unique body wrap, you can admire their tasteful choice too. Or if they have used a particular emblem or symbol, you can just draw the same on your duck note.

But don’t forget to take a picture of your Jeep ducking and post it on social media with an appropriate hashtag.

What type of unique Jeep ducks you can use?

Usually, small bathtub-size rubber duckies are used for Jeep ducking. Since the start of this movement, different types of rubber duckies have arrived on the market in the costumes of superheroes, smiley faces, costumes, pets, and even pirates.

You can choose any of the duckies, whichever hits you. You can even be creative with your duckies with the help of a marker. You can draw faces, moustaches, beards, or glasses to bring the swag.

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Is ‘Duck, Duck, Jeep’ just for wranglers?

Although this trend was initiated with the Jeep Wranglers, it has spread to other Jeeps like the Patriot, Cherokee, and Rubicon. So, don’t be shy to gift someone your love and appreciation. You may become the first one to start up their duck pond.

Jeep Ducking is just another way to bring smiles to others. So keep your chic mode on and become a reason to cherish others.

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