How to Start Jeep Cherokee Without the Key Fob

Multi-tasking is deepened in the souls of millennials and for completing multiple tasks on time we are always in a hurry. Amid that, we miss our essential documents, gadgets including key fob from time to time.

Getting panicky when not finding the key fob is natural. Still, in this modern era, you must learn life hacks to control your jeep without the original key fob. 

In this blog, I will provide all the tricks you can adopt to bring your ignition to life without a key fob.

So, without much ado, let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • There must be some life hacks on your fingertips that can help you start your Jeep Cherokee without a key fob and that can be done using a screwdriver/slim Jim/coat hanger or by replacing the ignition cylinder.
  • DIY hack: Maintain contact of the ignite button and the on/off button of the key fob till thirty seconds while pressing the brake pedal.

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How to start a Jeep without a key?

Starting a jeep without a key is not a tedious task. You need to have the right tools and tricks to implement. This article will teach five different methods to start your Jeep Cherokee without a key fob. Let’s discuss these methods in more detail.

How to Start Jeep Cherokee Without the Key Fob

Method 1: Starting a jeep with a screwdriver

If you are struggling to find the most common tool for starting your engine, then don’t worry. We all have screwdrivers at home.

Take your watchful eye near the key cylinder and find the screw positioned behind it to remove the key cylinder. Once it is removed, you can see the tumblers inside the hole. Insert the screwdriver in the cylinder and rotate it so that tumblers pop out. Popping out of tumblers will bring your Jeep ignition to life. 

Note that this method might seem the easiest one but it is not very reliable.

Method 2: Starting a Jeep with a Slim Jim

This method is shorter, more reliable, but a little complicated. For this method, you don’t need to remove any Jeep component, but you must be smart enough to implement it correctly.

Take a Slim Jim and slide it between the door and the weatherstripping for this trick. Once you feel like the Slim Jim has slid into the right hole, take it down further. You will hear an engaging sound when it is rightly placed in the lock cylinder.

Once you find the lock cylinder, put the Slim Jim into the keyway until you feel the tumblers. After tracing the tumblers, rotate the Slim Jim to bring them out. Once the tumblers pop out, you can start your ignition. 

Method 3: Starting a jeep using a coat hanger

You must think that not all of you have a screwdriver or Slim Jim at home. Then how do you manually start a Jeep?

Don’t stress out. You all must have coat hangers in your wardrobe. This is a mechanical method that will require a little force. 

Take a coat hanger and straighten it out, forming a hook at the end. Insert this hook in the key cylinder and start fishing until you find the tumblers.

Once you get the tumblers, do the drill, and pop them out. Jeep ignition will come to life immediately.

Method 4: Starting a jeep when the key fob is not detected

Above discussed methods come to application in the case when you have forgotten or lost your key fob, but at certain times the Jeep Grand Cherokee key fob is not detected. It might be due to old batteries, corroded terminals, or sticky buttons.

In this scenario, you can still start your engine following these steps.

Step #1: Take the key fob and put its on/off button on the ignite button of your jeep.

Step #2: Now push the brake pedal

Step #3: Maintain contact of the ignite button and the on/off button of the key fob till thirty seconds

Step #4: Now push them all together.

You will hear your Jeep Grand Cherokee engine start-up sound.

It was easy, eh? Still, most drivers need to learn this trick.

Now, I will tell you about the logic behind this hack.

The German developers are more intelligent than us. They have installed this exceptional feature in Jeep Cherokee‘s key fob. It works similarly to an electromagnetic transmission that allows the jeep to start even with the dead key fob.

Method 5: Starting a jeep by replacing the ignition cylinder

Sometimes even having a live key fob, the ignition doesn’t start. It is all because of the faulty ignition cylinder. In this case, it is better to replace the ignition cylinder and key assembly altogether.

Believe me. It is a simple task yet an inexpensive one. Just get spare ignition cylinders and keys from an auto part dealership and follow the instructions.

But, for this method, you must know the essential parts of a jeep, like the steering wheel, ignition switch, etc.

Step #1: Remove the steering wheel

Step #2: Locate a lock plate under it, disassemble it

Step #3: Take off the horn ring placed right under the lock plate

Step #4: Now you will get to see the signal switch

Step #5: Pull the signal switch at a height that you can quickly locate the cylinder and key

Step #6: You will find a pin-lock under the cylinder and key. Now push the pin-lock. It will release the key and cylinder assembly with a clicking sound.

Step #7: Carefully remove the assembly

Step #8: Replace the assembly with a new one.

Ensure you read and follow each step carefully unless you will damage your car’s most essential part.

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Wrap up

Starting a Jeep without a key fob is possible but not always recommended. In this blog, you have all the information to start your jeep without a key using a Slim Jim, hanger, a screwdriver, or completely replacing the assembly.

It looks easy to read and complicated when performing. Therefore, if you get the slightest hints that you cannot maneuver any of the above methods, go to a professional expert rather doing any harm to your jeep.

Till next time have a safe drive!

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