How to Reset The Anti-Theft on a Jeep?

German developers are updating features and technology in the Jeep day by day. Whether it is the keyless entry or the anti-theft system, this American classic is a state-of-art vehicle if you need luxury and comfort at the same time.

The anti-theft alarm is one of the modern safety features to prevent burglars from breaking into your Jeep. However, this system malfunctions over time and issues warnings, keeping the driver helpless by immobilizing the engine.

In this blog, I will explain the major causes behind the faulty anti-theft alarm system and how to fix it.

So, let’s get the ball rolling. 

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What is an anti-theft system on a Jeep?

The anti-theft system is a modern method of saving your car from thieves. As the name suggests, an anti-theft system is a feature that activates if someone steals your Jeep or tries to break in. This system works in flow with the internal and external sensors. So, as the Jeep discovers that the original key fob is not operating, it projects the warning message of ‘service theft deterrent system’ on the dashboard. It follows up with the ceasing of the engine.

However, malfunction in this system is inevitable. There could be multiple causes for the wrong projection of this warning message resulting in inconvenience to the driver. The causes of anti-theft system failure are coming in the next section.

How to Reset The Anti-Theft on a Jeep

Faulty anti-theft system | Causes

The anti-theft system cooperates with the sensors, key fob, and Jeep battery. If any of these car parts malfunctions, the anti-theft warning triggers. Some of the reasons behind the faulty anti-theft systems are:

  • Faulty Jeep door lock
  • Dead key fob battery
  • Flawed immobilizer chip in a key fob
  • Lack of system updates
  • Low-voltage Jeep battery
  • Faulty key fob transponder

How do I reset the anti-theft on Jeep Cherokee/Wrangler/Liberty/- DIY technique?

There are times when the sensors cannot figure out the genuine owner of the Jeep due to the above causes resulting in immobilizing the engine. You must always know some life hacks in specific scenarios to bring your engine to life.

Step 1: Enter your Jeep and press the ‘Lock’ button on the key fob five times in 10 seconds.

Step 2: Put the key into the ignition and bring it into the running position. Wait until the Jeep chimes stop.

Step 3: Now press the ‘Unlock’ and the ‘Panic’ buttons. Hold both buttons together for a second and release them afterward.

Step 4: Wait for the chime.

Step 5: Push and release the ‘Lock’ and ‘Unlock’ buttons on your key fob.

Releasing the ‘Lock’ button will make the Jeep chime itself, notifying the resetting of the anti-theft alarm. 

Make sure you have kept the key in the ignition the whole time you proceed with this trick.

How do I fix my anti-theft system on Jeep?

Fixing the anti-theft system requires troubleshooting the root cause and dealing with it. The following three methods are given to improve your anti-theft alarm system.

Method 1: Check the key fob and door lock cylinder

First, check the key fob battery. If it is dead, your Jeep won’t be able to sense the owner, which might lead to assuming the Jeep that an intruder is trying to break in. In this case, change the key fob battery asap.

Moreover, check for the door lock cylinder. The anti-theft alarm system message also triggers if the door lock is broken. Some thieves try to break the door lock using a slim Jim or a screwdriver. In this case, you must replace the door lock cylinder.

Method 2: Switch on the ignition

Check whether an anti-theft security system light is triggered on the dashboard. It looks like a car and lock figure. If yes, insert the car key into the engine and fire it up. Please keep it in this position for 10 to 15 minutes. It will enable the ECU to re-read the original key. Now switch off the ignition, and remove the key from the ignition—this method will reset the anti-theft alarm system.

Method 3: Use the physical key

Insert the physical key into the Jeep door lock, and keep it there for 60 seconds. This will help the ECU sense that you are the Jeep owner and possess the genuine key, thus surpassing the anti-theft alarm system and mobilizing the engine.

These three methods would certainly reset the anti-theft alarm system of Jeep, but if the issue persists, contact a professional expert who could diagnose the root cause and resolve it for you.

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Final Thoughts

Robbers have been trying to steal the Jeeps since they were developed. To encounter them, manufacturers have come up with the idea of an anti-theft alarm. Therefore, you must use this safety feature to protect your ride from being stolen.

In this article, there is enough information about the causes behind faulty anti-theft alarm systems and the methods to fix them. Therefore, read it properly and keep your ride safe from intruders.

Till next time have a safe drive! 

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